Thursday, 2 December 2010

Dancing In My Hunters.

Last night me and a few of my fellow cinema employees decided to have a well deserved night out.  This had been on the cards for weeks, and we had a number of folk saying that they would come....  Due to the resent weather conditions, this stopped most of them from attending.  It did not stop me!  I was determined to go out and have a good time, no snow would stop me!

The first port of call was Danny's flat.  Me and Magda were the first to arrive, then Kalista and her friend along with Ulla & Fiona.  So that was us, 6 women and 1 man, Danny seemed to quite enjoy his 'harem' of women!  We consumed our drinks and had quite a fair bit of banter, when 1am came along we decided that we should venture out and up the road to Hawk & Hunter, which used to be Ego/Luna (many moons ago).  The place is beautiful and only cost us £3 to get in, which ain't too shabby, we headed downstairs and grabbed a table, it wasn't busy as it was only a Wednesday morning and most of the folk there were all in their winter warmers, so it was nice and relaxed.  Drinks aren't that cheap, so I only bought one, but I was already tipsy after my bottle of cider and rose wine....

Eventually Sarah turned up and we got to dancing!  I don't know if anyone has ever been out to a club wearing wellies and tried to dance in them?!  I tell you it's not easy, but I made it look it(!)  We must have looked like a classy bunch, so much so that a photographer took our pictures a few times, I am dreading looking at them.

We ended up leaving H&H just after 2am and decided to make our way home, Fiona was staying with me as she lives all the way over in The Kingdom of Fife and would have found it near impossible to get home.  We walked all they way back to mine which took us just under 2 hours, it was a lovely walk home as everything was still and quiet.  The snow started to descend on us as we were walking, which I enjoyed, even though I was covered. I also managed to go into my old primary school grounds, which was surreal!  It brought back so many memories.  We eventually got in the house at 4am and went straight to bed, which was very much needed after the night we had!

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