Thursday, 2 December 2010

Fun In The Snow.

Today was the perfect snow day, so Jaimie (the other half) came round to mine in the afternoon and spent the day constructing a GIANT snowman and snowboy.  I was going to compete, but I got too cold and retired to the back room and where I took lots of pictures of his efforts.  I did however manage to fit in a snowball fight beforehand, and got Jaimie a fair few times!

He spent HOURS and HOURS rolling the body of the snowman around the garden, and he was HUGE!  Jaimie was very proud of his efforts and so he should have been, I know I couldn't have done any better!

The snow in my garden was at least 5-6 inches deep, which helped when building the snowman as he was not going to run out of snow any time soon!

We also had and still have a lot of icicles hanging from our guttering, they looked beautiful when glistening in the sunlight (which we did manage to have a little of today!).  Jaimie sadly ripped the biggest one off so he could see it, but I have 'saved' it and popped it in the freezer, for... safe keeping?! I don't know...

Anyhoo's, after 2 and a half hours the snowman and snowboy were finished and I along with Jaimie and my family were proud as punch to see them.  They are sitting in the middle of the garden acting as scarecrows!  Fingers crossed the foxes don't attack them as they did my lil' fella, R.I.P!

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