Friday, 3 December 2010

Snowed in? Time To Watch Christmas 24.


That's me been off college since Tuesday and I won't be going back until next Tuesday, I'm also on my holidays from work.  Which means I have all this extra spare time on hands and I'm unsure what I should be doing with it?!


That's where Christmas 24 comes in!  (Channel 420 on Virgin).  This is a fabby channel dedicated to all you Christmas film lovers out there, it's very addictive once you get watching!  Right now I have on 'Mrs Santa Claus', which stars Angela Lansbury (from Murder She Wrote fame and 'Mrs Potts' Beauty & The Beast), it was made in 1996 and it's all about Mrs Claus getting out there and exploring New York in the 1900's.  Tis not bad apart from the terrible accents, there is also quite a bit of singing... Thank god I love musicals!


As you would have guessed it, by the name of the channel the films are on 24/7.  So whenever you are feeling like a pick me up or need to be brought into the Christmas spirit I would turn this on and watch one of the many movies!

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