Thursday, 9 December 2010

To French Tip Or Not To French Tip.

Because I sometimes work with food I can't paint my nails as often as I would like, which is a BIG shame as I used to spend AGES on them.  But as I'm on my holidays from work I seem to be changing the colour of the tips every other day!

Today I decided to go for the more traditional white tip and the French Manicure.  My nails grow a square shape, which is great as there doesn't need to be a lot of time spent on shaping them, just the fun part... The painting!

I went for a Christmasy look a few days ago by applying some blue glitter polish to the tips.

I don't have a brand of polish that I use constantly or colour, I just go for the colours that I like and I would never spend a ridiculous amount on them.  It's just a little thing that, when I get the chance to do, makes me happy.  The small things in life!

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