Monday, 3 January 2011

Another Year Over, And What Have You Done?

We're now 2 days into 2011, 2010 seemed to just fly by! So here's a small run down of what I did/achieved/etc..

I managed to have a few holiday's, Dublin, Aberfeldy/Isle of Seil, Perth, Nottingham and a day trip to York.  Seen a couple of bands, The Noisettes, Wolfmother, T Rextasy, Slash, and a couple other's of which I can't remember (I'm getting old!).  Got dragged to some motor sport races.  Finished and passed my NQ Tourism & Events course and after the summer enrolled into HNC Events Management course.  Executed a cracking event and made money for MS Scotland.  Got a new part-time job in a cinema and met lots of amazing new friends.  Had quite a few nights out and enjoyed every one of them.  Turned 24.  Managed to snaffle a couple of work placements for this year.  Moved into my new room.  Joined the gym and am sticking to it!

I think that's everything, no doubt I have missed quite a bit out of this list.  But I did say this was a small run down....

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