Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Post Festive Festivities.


I haven't blogged for yonks due to being so busy and ill, so I thought I would give it a go tonight.  I am still chocked with the flu and don't feel completely together, but I am bored and need something to do that doesn't cause me too think much, unlike doing my college work.

This little post is going to be about my works belated Christmas/ New Year night out which we had on the 18th Jan.  The night started at at Danny's flat where we enjoyed our pre-drinks before heading to our next venue.  We managed to book Walkabout's wee room across the way for free as we all work in the same building, the only thing 'we' (work) paid for was the buffet.  From there we popped along to the Tron for some more drinks, banter and a few games of pool, we stayed there for a couple of hours before going to our last stop of the night which was Opium.


imageA fabby night was had by all and I hope we don't leave it too late to have another one!

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