Friday, 25 February 2011

30 Is The New 20.

Saturday night was a night of celebration.  My friend Claire's BF Kevin had his 30th birthday party at Element bar on Rose St., now it was not his birthday until Wednesday, but it was thought best to have it last weekend.  I love Element bar, it's really nice inside, but not cheap therefore I had 3 drinks (I was also working on the Sunday morning and didn't want to go into work with a hangover!).

When me and J arrived it was PACKED, but luckily Claire has reserved a whole section for us, and there was a lot of us!  We drank, we chatted, we took pictures and we ate cake which was delish (can't beat a Nintendo cake!).

Sadly J and myself didn't stay late and got the bus at half 11, everyone else went out after Element and had an amazing time.  At least this weekend I can maybe stay out a bit later.... Got a good one planned!

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