Friday, 25 February 2011

I Went Shopping Part 3.

Shopping, shopping, shopping!  I LOVE IT!  And I picked up a couple of things last weekend from Primark, New Look and Asda and thought I would share... Yet again!  So here we go:

(2 pairs of sunnies - Primark)

(Hair grips, black skinny belt and love heart tights - Primark)

(Camel turn up trousers -New Look)

(Black turn up trousers with brown belt - Asda)

(Buttoned pussy bow printed shirt - Primark)

(Camel suede heels - Primark)

(Black patent loafers with bow - Primark)

I luff my new stuff!  Sadly they didn't have the dresses I wanted, so I may have to take a trip through to Glasgow and see if any of their Primarks have what I am looking for!

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