Monday, 14 February 2011

Saint Valentines.

Happy Valentines day folks!  Sadly I am working tonight so I won't get to see my other half and have our 'special' Indian takeaway for dinner and DVD night, but we will be having it tomorrow.

I have never bought into buying any of the Valentines Day tat for my other half or going out for an overpriced set menu from a restaurant just for one day of the year, when we could do that anytime.  In fact we have NEVER bought each other presents... Until this year... Jaimie had told me that he had found something he wanted to get me and this was a good excuse, so then I had to get him something.  I looked online for different ideas for gifts but was stuck, I laughed at pretty much every valentines gift that was being sold (some were awful!) and I always like to get a present that is a bit different, something special that might mean something to the recipient.  So after HOURS I finally came to the conclusion that I would take J to one of his all time favorite places... Deep Sea World.

On Friday night J and myself decided to give each other or presents (we're leaving the cards until tomorrow) and he surprised me with a beautiful Swarovski swan charm(!) for my Swarovski charm bracelet I got for my 24th birthday last year. I LOVE it and it was such a surprise!



When I told J what his present was and where we were going, his little face lit up!  He's so very excited (bless), so on Saturday we shall be taking in on the train over to North Queensferry to see the fishes.

I hope everyone has and is having a lovely day.

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