Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Swim With The Fishes.

As I have mentioned in an earlier post (Saint Valentines) that I was taking Jaimie to Deep Sea World on Saturday and I did!  The weather was rubbish but that did not dampen our day(!), we got the train through to North Queensferry and popped in to see the fishes.

It was so very busy when we arrived, full of kiddies running around screaming which was a tad annoying, but once we managed to push our way passed all the children we finally got to see all the different fishes, sharks, stingrays, frogs, gecko's and the seals!  We spent a couple of hours there and went round the conveyor belt at least 6 times, topping the last time we were there (which was 5!).  We had a great time and will no doubt go back in another 2 years!  We also went for a little walk down by the harbor and snapped some pics.

After DSW we popped back on the train and headed through to Dunfermline so I could do a little Primark shopping where I picked up a couple of things which I'll feature in another post.

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