Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Faking It.

Now that summer is here I think it's time to slap on some fake tan, there's nothing nicer than walking around in the sun with a golden glow!  Many years ago I used to use St. Tropez at £30 a bottle(!) I love the stuff and it does give you a beautiful glow, but then I discovered St. Moriz  (available from Semi-Chem) and it's only £2.99 a bottle!  This stuff comes in two forms, a spray and moose.  I prefer the moose as it goes on like a dream, but the spray is just as good and both don't leave streaks (unless you don't apply properly), the smell is not too overpowering either, kind of like biscuits.. Which is no bad thing unless your not a fan of biscuits that is!  This is an instant tan and when you apply can make you look a lot darker than you want to be, but once you have washed it off 8 or so hours later you are left with a stunning colour (it lasts up to a week).  St. Moriz has also now introduced a darker colour for those of you out there who might want a darker looking tan.

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