Friday, 25 March 2011

I Really Should Be.

Studying, but I have been cheeky and stayed at home this afternoon to sit and enjoy the sun.

The past 2(!) days have been glorious in Edinburgh and I do hope it stays like this, you can tell that we're coming into spring with the bees buzzing about and butterfly's chasing each other and being able to walk bare footed in the grass.  It also means we can start to ditch the heavy jackets, hats and scarfs and opt for more summery clothing, this reminds me I must start to pull out all my summer dresses and tops etc!

I also will be purchasing a bike in the next couple of weeks, now if you have read my blog before you will know that I cannot ride a bike..... YET(!) and I intend to be up and cycling by the summer (fingers crossed!), I will also be pulling out my roller skates from the back of the cupboard and giving them and me a good workout.

It's days like these that make me happy and make me daydream a lot more about the coming months and what I will be doing and where I'll be going.  I have a couple of short mini breaks to look forward to and possibly and long week away with Jaimie, plenty of gigs coming up too and now the ballet in April.

I'm hoping to arrange another 'Game's Night' and BBQ which will be held at my house, the last one we had went down a storm and now as we have our back garden back (we didn't have grass for aaaaages) that I can utilise this for things such as gardens parties and inflatable pool days.  I CANNOT WAIT!  All I'm asking is that Mr Sun stays out... Please....

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