Sunday, 27 March 2011

What I Wore/Night Out Rundown.

Sadly I didn't take any pictures when out for Kalista's 28th and Mr Donaldson's leaving do, so all I have is a picture of what I wore.  Which was this: (I also wore a knitted jumper over the top as not to get coooold).


The Evening Rundown

We started at Jekyll & Hyde where cocktails and JD's were consumed, after a few hours there we decided to go dancing and (after lengthy conversations in the street) decided to head to Espionage.... I don't really like that place, never been a fan, lots of guys standing at the sides waiting to grab a girl (which happened to me last night!), it's a very sleazy place and the dance floor is teeny tiny but we all had a spiffing time because the company kept was so good!  I didn't drink much as left the club at half 2 (home by 3am).  Near the end of the night it started to turn into a school disco as 2 sets of people (who I work with) started 'getting it on' , 'pulling' or 'firing in tae' each other.   I'm looking forward to the chats that will be hard about this tomorrow at work!

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