Friday, 15 April 2011

Castle Baggin'.

Last weekend myself and Jaimie took a little trip to Dumfries and Galloway to do a lil' Castle (and Abbey) bagging.  What is castle bagging I hear you ask (...)?  It's basiclly touring lots of Castle's...

As J and myself are Historic Scotland members we get into any of there sites for free (but pay a small monthly fee to HS for our membership).

Jaimie had hired a car which made it a lot easier for us to get about as I don't think we would have got to see half of the places if we had to use public transport!

Anyway's, we had a great time and the weather was fabby!  So now I'll bore you with some pictures, if I could remember the names of the Castles and Abbey's I would tell you, but alas I cannot.  To visit one of them we had to get a wee boat(!).  We also had a look at an abandoned church and an old Mill House, so it's not all Castle's and Abbey's!

I have had to divide the posts into 3 so I can show all the pictures I want to!  We visited Castle's, Abbey's, Old Mill House, Cream O' Galloway and The National Costume Museum (hence the divide).

(Phew!  Thank god thanks over with I hear you cry!)

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