Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Fish Ate My Feet.

For mothers day I got my mum a wee treat, a 25 minute foot spa treatment from Snappy Feet which is situated in Ocean Terminal.  I managed to get a couple of vouchers from Groupon for £7 each instead of paying the £15 that you normally would for 25 minutes.

Snappy Feet only has 6-8 fish tanks and is situated in the middle of the shopping centre downstairs.  It was quite busy when we arrived and had to wait a lil' bit before we got taken, but the 25 minutes seemed to go fast and finally it was our turn!  Dun dun duuuuuun.....! It was the strangest feeling in the world(!), tickly and nibbly at the same time.  My mum and myself could hardly contain the giggles as we sat with our feet surrounded by little hungry fishes.  Once our 25 minutes were up you could see and feel the difference, I would recommend going to one of these little places and give it a go!

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