Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Statement Events Presents.

MS Charity Fashion Show!  After MONTHS and MONTHS of planning and organising our fashion show was held in GHQ last Tuesday.The experience amazing and was completely worth it and we managed to raise over £700(!) for MS Scotland.

The day started off by popping into college for 2 hours and then after that we hopped in to Laura's car and drove to many a place to collect items for the show, the girls had already picked up the clothing so it was only the smaller things we needed.  2pm came along and I was left in the venue to complete risk assessments and start setting up for the models and hair dressers as the girls continued to collect things.  It started to get busy when the models, designers and hair dressers arrived, the whole club was buzzing with excitement for the night ahead.

7pm was the time the guests arrived and at 6:50pm there was already a queue outside!  We had 84 tickets and only one was left at the end of the night, it was packed!  The show went without any major hiccups (apart from the microphone not working), everyone who attended commented on how amazing the show was and how well we had done.

Us girls are so ecstatic with what we have achieved and don't think we could have done any better!

The clothing was supplied by Republic, Lady Jo Jo's, Go Diva, Dorothy Perkins, Pretty Woman  and 2 students from Gala.

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