Thursday, 28 April 2011

Wedding Of The Year.

I am hunner's excited about this weeks up and coming nuptials of 'Will's & Kate', I have been following it for a while and will be spending my Friday watching the big day on the telly with my mum (and possibly my auntie) surrounded by bunting, eating scones from my commemorative plates and drinking potails from our commemorative mugs! 

I will be dressing up for the occasion too, no idea what I will wear but it will compliment my bruised and swollen foot(!).

There are some hilarious TV show's surrounding the wedding, there was a show on Sky Living a couple of nights ago called 'How To Nab A Prince' in which you get shown how to speak, what to wear and where to hang out to meet your prince.  And all this week there are numerous other shows on the telly box about the couple and how they met etc. even though these programmes are cheesy I am watching them (.....!).

Today I am going to make it my mission to find the film that was made about them, it looks awful, hence why I MUST SEE IT! 

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