Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Pictures Of The Weekend.

Here's this weekend in pictures.

(I've downloaded lots of new picture apps to my phone so I'm trying them out!)

Friday night some of my nearest and dearest came round for a visit, food and drinks.  I can always count on my friends to have a good night!  I spent Saturday tidying up my room, sleeping and sorting through my mounds of clothes that I'm going to be popping up on eBay at some point this week (fingers crossed).

 And yesterday Jaimie came round with about 400  pictures for our photo album, we have decided that we would start making photo albums.  All our pictures are on an external hard drive and we never really thought about putting our  pictures into an album but I think it's a great idea so we spent last night sorting them out and popping  them in the album whilst watching AC/DC's tour DVD. 

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