Sunday, 12 June 2011

I Drink Cava In Parks.

A couple of weeks ago Edinburgh was hotter then hot!  And on this day I promised some of my work buds that we would go clothes shopping, so we got a little group together (6 of us) and hit the town.  It was a great laugh trying on clothes and getting a spot of lunch from The Standing Order, in the evening we thought it would be the prefect ending to the day by buying some booze and hitting up the Meadows.  The park was buzzing, there was mini BBQ's, people handing out fruit and juice, singing and a boot camp(!), the shows were also in town and some 'banging' tunes were drifting in our direction.  We bought some beers, cider and I had my rose cava, I was deemed the classy-est out of our bunch with my choice of alcoholic beverages. 

(Abbie and Myself doing our best 'ya' hairdos.)

That night I was supposed to go to Jaimie's for dinner, but I stayed out with my friends instead.. (bad Kathryn!).  Even though Jaimie fell out with me (for 2 days) I am glad I stayed out, after the Meadows we headed along to The Tron for cheap drinks and called upon some more of our friends to come along, from there we got some pizza and then went back to Abbie's where I had THE best laugh!  A couple of us stayed over and the next day it was even hotter!  Myself and Mike walked from Abbie's into town where we got some food and a frappuccino, which was much needed!  Another amazing day/night! 

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