Wednesday, 15 June 2011

I Like To Knit, Knit Knit Knit.

I decided to take up knitting in April, I had ripped my ligament and needed a new hobby to keep myself occupied.  Jaimies mum and my friend Susan are AMAZING knitters and my attempts (at the moment) are pitiful, I have mastered the knit stitch and feel that I am ready to move onto the pearl.  I'm not making anything as such (maybe a really rubbish looking scarf!), however I will make a teacosy for my granny.  Susan has been trying to teach me other stitches...and failing as I was tipsy at the time, hence there being two rows of different stitches in my work? Scarf? Art? (I won't take credit for her work...). 

If you're a knitter or just like looking at other peoples creations join



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