Wednesday, 24 August 2011

My Arms Are Killing Me!

So this was the second week and second group from my work to go Kayaking and Canoeing in the Union Canal!  We met at work for 12 although our appointment was at 1:30 (I could have done with another half hour sleep!) and made our way to the spot where the instructor was going to meet us.  We had a quick briefing and then carried(!) our kayaks and canoes to the canal, which by the way are bloody heavy!  I chose to stick to the safest and driest option which was a canoe, the session lasted two and a half hours which is well worth the £15 my work paid.  A couple of guys fell out of their kayaks and into canal which was hilarious, lucky the canal isn't deep so there was no chance of drowning(!).  We all enjoyed ourselves and I would do this again for sure, although I'm not liking the pain that my arms are in *sad face*.

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Review: Benefit Brows A - Go - Go.

I picked up this little bad boy from the internet for tenner(!) instead of full price and it is now used part of my everyday routine.  I normally just pencilled my eyebrows in and popped a bit of clear mascara on the top, but this fabby little box has everything you need to create a great shape and filler.

You first of all apply the brow wax with the 'hard' end if the brush to each eyebrow and then choose your colour to fill in the brows, if needed you use the mini tweezers to pluck the excess hairs.  You then apply the highlighter underneath the arch of the brow and dab a few spots of the bright pink cream to the corner of each eye, et voila beautiful eyebrows!  Again, I don't have a before or after as I'm rubbish, soz!

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

"Bye Bye Sarah, Sarah Goodbye..."

Last night was the final leaving night for my buddy Sarah from work, she's off to teach English in South Korea (well jel!).  I had been unable to make her first night out last Monday as I was still on my jollies, so last night I caught up with everyone in SuperCube where we had booked a room for karaoke.  It was great to see everyone enjoying themselves and singing their little hearts out!  My fav rendition was Wuthering Heights performed by the whole team in a high pitched Kate Bush styleee!  We finished up at half 11 and some folks decided to go to LuLu's on George Street, which is not my cup of tea (and plus I was skint) so I chose to head home.

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Afternoon Nibbles And Cocktails.

Months and months ago I purchased a voucher from LivingSocial  for my mum's birthday (or mother's day, I can't quite remember!) for afternoon tea with a twist at the Birdcage in Musselburgh.  You get the usual which is your mini sandwiches and cakes; but instead of having tea, we had a cocktail made in front of us by a mixologist (and got to shake it up!).  We were asked to pick a cocktail from a small selection (of 4) and mum choose the strawberry cream 'tea', it was delish,  the mini sannies and cakes were just as delish and we managed to scoff them all!  It was lovely just to spend some time with my mum and have a good girlie giggle.

The Birdcage is a beautiful place in a unusual location (I wouldn't have known about that place had it not been for the deal), the food and drink is also reasonably priced.  I'm considering going there for my 25th!

Saturday, 13 August 2011


I picked up Marie Claire and Cosmopolitan on Monday and with them came some fabby freebies!  I have already used the nail polish which is a beautiful colour, but I cannot wait to try out the eyelashes. 

MUA Buys.

I have fallen in love with the MUA range from Superdrug!  It’s all super cheap (most expensive I think was £4!)  and everything is of really good quality, I bought everything from the Superdrug website with free standard delivery and arrived pretty swiftly.  
I can’t really go on enough about how much I am a fan of these products!  Give them a bash! 

Thursday, 11 August 2011

'I Don't Like Single Track Roads... And Rain'.

On Sunday it was time for Jaimie and myself to pack up and hit the road to Dornoch (yippee!).  We hired a car from the Sunday until Wednesday (today) and the first port of call was for Jaimie's bungee jump up in Killiecrankie with Highland Fling.  I have picked up a deal on Groupon a few months back as his birthday present and Sunday was the big day!  Jaimie had been so nervous about doing the jump and I didn't help by egging him on, BUT he did manage it and I was oh so proud of him; although as he jumped his left trainer went flying into the river never to be seen again(!). 
Οnce the jump was completed we drove to Dornoch Castle Hotel and Jaimie had to do so in his socks (luckily he had his smart shoes with him...).  It took us a few hours to get there from Killiecrankie and we arrived at the hotel for 5:30pm, checked in and we made ourselves comfortable in our room; which was MASSIVE!  We were on the 3rd floor and had a lovely view of the garden and also received a free bottle of wine on arrival, it was £99 for the two nights with breakfast included (another deal I snapped up, this time from KGB).  Dinner was booked for 7:30, so we headed down to the bar for our (free!) bottle of wine and ordered our meal, I had the cauliflower and almond soup to start with, for main it was sirloin steak and pudding was tiramisu, we also had canapés before our starters arrived.  Dinner was amazing and afterwards we were so tried and full that we went to bed super early! 

On the Monday (which was our first full day) we had big plans!  Falls Of Shin in the morning and then off to Dunrobin Castle; now this plan didn't go as how we would have liked it, due to Jaimie not listening to my instructions and we ended up at the top of Scotland after 2 hours of going in the wrong direction(!).  After the 'small' hiccup we were on the right track and arrived at Dunrobin Castle, which looks like a fairytale castle and I would like to live there please, sadly you were not allowed to take photographs inside, but if you are ever in that neck of the woods it's a must see!  We drove home after that and went on the hunt for dinner and that night we drove to Tain for a chippie, it wasn't the greatest but it hit the spot.  We also had a wee walk along the beach in Dornoch. 

On Tuesday we woke up had breakfast, packed up, checked out and drove to Dalmore distillery were we had a meeting with some whisky!  Jaimie LOVES his whisky so whenever we are away and there is a distillery we go on a tour.  Now the tour didn't last too long, but we got to see the usual things you see on one of these tours, at the end however is my favourite part as that's when you get to taste the whisky and have a couple if drams!  When we left Dalmore we drove to Balvenie Castle which is one of the Historic Scotland castles so we didn't have to pay, got up and close to some Highland Cooooows!  Then we hit up another castle, Huntley Castle which was a favourite of mine, we did a little bit of bird watching in the forms of sparrows flying to and from their nests that they had built inside the castle walls. 

We had a very loooooooooooong drive home yesterday and got into Edinburgh at 9pm, glad to be back in my own bed, but sad that the holiday is over with.  I now just have to look forward to my time away in September! 
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