Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Review: Benefit Brows A - Go - Go.

I picked up this little bad boy from the internet for tenner(!) instead of full price and it is now used part of my everyday routine.  I normally just pencilled my eyebrows in and popped a bit of clear mascara on the top, but this fabby little box has everything you need to create a great shape and filler.

You first of all apply the brow wax with the 'hard' end if the brush to each eyebrow and then choose your colour to fill in the brows, if needed you use the mini tweezers to pluck the excess hairs.  You then apply the highlighter underneath the arch of the brow and dab a few spots of the bright pink cream to the corner of each eye, et voila beautiful eyebrows!  Again, I don't have a before or after as I'm rubbish, soz!

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