Thursday, 4 August 2011

Review: Coloursport 30 Day Mascara.

Last week my mum bought this product for us to try out, I was unsure as to how this would work and on Thursday night we decided to give it a bash.  It comes with a paste, some developer and  a little stirring and application wand in a convenient tub, you squeeze out 2cm of the paste and add the developer until you have mixed it into a creamy paste (see picture below), once that is complete all you need to do is apply the mixture to your lashes.  This is the tricky part as you don't want to get any in your eyes(!), but you want enough to cover your lashes, once this is done you leave it on for 20 minutes and them wash off.  Et voila!  I noticed the difference immediately, I now have black eyelashes (mine are dark brown normally) I am impressed, my mum however had to apply a couple of coats as she has fair eyelashes.  This is not  a mascara as it does not and cannot add volume to your lashes so I still use both, but other than that it's pretty good!  (Sadly I didn't take any before or after shots).

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