Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Things I Love.

Just a 'little' post about the things I love.

My phone.  Which should be a given as I'm on it most days(!), either chatting, texting, checking my emails, listening to music, taking pictures, playing games or surfing the World Wide Web.

My camera.  I have just got a new one as my old one has broken (which I will get fixed).  I've always loved taking pictures of things and stuff and I think I'm not too shabby!

My bed.  I love my bed way too much!  I spend a lot of time in it, it's hunners comfy and cosy.

My collection of shoes and clothes.  If I have money and I see something I like, I buy it.  I'm terrible at giving in to temptation and not looking at the price!

My drum kit.  which I got for my 21st as I always wanted to learn how to play the drums.  However nearly 4 years later I still cannot play them and they are not even set up!  (They will be soon)

My iPod touch.  It's one of the very first that came out and I got it for my Christmas from my maw and paw and they had it inscribed.

My Kindle.  Simple, I can store and read lots and lots of books and read them whether I'm on the move or at home!

My Kinect for Xbox.  The games for the Kinect are tons of fun.

Feedly.  This is an application on my phone which lets me scroll through things that interest me, such as blogs I follow.  I am addicted to it!  It always keeps me guessing!

Nail art.  I try my best at coming up with new ideas to decorate my nails with or take inspiration from other peoples.

Knitting.  Still getting to grips with it, but I intend to knit something awesome at some point.

Blogging.  I started this as a distraction from my studies, but it turns out that I enjoy writing up blog posts and reading other peoples.

Music.  I cannot and could not live without it.

Fake tan.  I've always loved to 'fake it', even when I was in my gothy stage.  Everyone looks better with some colour!

Holidays.  You can't beat going somewhere sunny (or cold) for a week or 2 learning about new cultures and trying different food.

Changing my hair colour.  I have dyed my hair since the age of 11 and have never really stopped.

YouTube.  I have learned a lot from this website and the fantastic users.

Making lists.  I do love a list, I always stick to it and if I haven't made one I tend not to do what I had intended on doing.

Archer.  I love this show, watch it.

Visiting museums and galleries.  Great places to go on rainy or pre pay day days.  Always interesting and always fun! 

My roller skates.  These little babies are the shizz!  I'm not amazing on them, but I can skate and they look super cool.

Knowing most of the words to the old Family Guy episodes.

Going for mini breaks.  Jaimie and myself go away a few times a year for a few days either up north or down south.  It's always nice to get away for a while.

Not having to pay to go to the cinema.  The perks of working in one.

History.  I'm a big fan.  I love learning about things that happened and the history of old buildings.

Food.  I love to eat!

Cocktails I love cocktails, but because they taste so good I drink them faster and get quite drunk!

Dancing.  I used to do ballet, tap and modern.  These days I tend to 'cut a rug' on the dance floor!

My tattoos.  Strangly (or not) there are no meanings behind my tatts.  I wanted them, so I got them.  Although twelve of my stars were bought for me by my friend Susan for my birthday.

My tunnels.  I have 4 and I luff them!

Piercings. I used to have 12, but now I have 8. I've been growing up and out of them.

Norfolk.  That's where my grandad is from and it's beautiful.  I love hiring a boat and going for a wee drive about the broads.

Sunglasses.  I have too many.

Going for walks.  You see new things every time, even if you go on the same walk everyday you will always spot something new.

TV.  Most of what's on these days is utter pap, but there are some good shows on that get me watching week after week.

Sunshine.  Always makes me happy and it seems it makes everyone else happy too!

Snuggles.  Whether they are from Jaimie, family or friends they always make me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

Learning.  New things, whether it be history or how to make things. 

Good grammar and punctuation. I'm not the best when it comes to it (I try to be!).  But I find it sloppy when when people don't even try!

Exercising.  You might not think of it to look at me, but I do like to keep fit!

Rainy days when I'm tucked up in bed.  I love the sound of the rain battering against my window when I'm inside all nice and toasty.

Baking.  I do love to bake and also like to eat other peoples baking.

Vintage.  I love finding and picking up a good old vintage bargain.  I have and art deco wardrobe and chest of draws, bags and clothes that I have picked up from cat boots sales and vintage/second hand shops. 

Jaimie.  He's an absolute doll and I love him.  He makes me laugh and is there when I need him. He can however be a right royal pain in my bum!

My maw and paw. They are the best! I'm really protective of them and look out for them.  Not like they need it!  I don't know what I would do without them, they are my rocks.

My friends.  They make me who I am and I couldn't imagine not knowing them.  Even though we lost one of our own we've still remained a strong unit, we can get through anything.  I might not see them all the time, but we will always be there for each other.  That's true friendship.

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