Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Review: Andrew Barton Glamour Waves.

At the weekend I picked up a new hair dryer and and Andrew Barton's Glamour Waves from Argos, it wasn't my intent to buy another hair styler, but it was discounted and I thought 'why not'.

I already have 2 pairs of curling tongs, hair straighteners and now I have these!

They are great for creating waves, I normally just plat my hair if I want waves but they never stay in and always go flat, but with these bad boys the wave lasts all day and night! Even when I woke up the next again day they were still perfect.

Now my hair (as you will see) looked a tad 80's, but that was only because I did a tight wave and started from the top of my head.

These are my new fav product!

Monday, 27 February 2012

Zoo Day.

Today me and my chums took a drive to the Five Sisters Zoo (near Livingston) to visit the animals and feed the Lemurs!

It's about £12 for entrance and a ticket to feed the Lemurs, £7 without the feeding. This is my second time visiting Five Sisters Zoo, it's not that big and they don't have all the Animals that Edinburgh Zoo has, but nonetheless there is still quite a bit to see.

Lisa, Rach and Claire decided to feed the Lemurs and I was on picture duty! I had done it before and the last time I was there one of the Lemurs took a little wee on one of the kids and I wasn't up for that, but I do now wish that I had feed them as it looked like great fun!

Here's a few pictures taken from today and the link to the Five Sisters Zoo website:


Monday, 20 February 2012

Pie Day.

Today myself and Jaimie made a pie with chicken, leek, mushroom and bacon nonetheless!

For Christmas Jaimie bought me a lovely pie tin(?) and only now are we using it, he found a recipe from the World Wide Web last week and today was the day we finally gave it a go!

The pie was AMAZING and we had two helpings! We are proper stuffed now, but I think I could fit more in my tummy...This is our first ever pie and I can't believe how well it turned out, it took a bit of preparation but the cooking time was only 20 minutes and it was eaten in 10!

Here are a few pictures from the pie making process, I have also provided the link to the recipe if anyone is interested!


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