Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Review: Andrew Barton Glamour Waves.

At the weekend I picked up a new hair dryer and and Andrew Barton's Glamour Waves from Argos, it wasn't my intent to buy another hair styler, but it was discounted and I thought 'why not'.

I already have 2 pairs of curling tongs, hair straighteners and now I have these!

They are great for creating waves, I normally just plat my hair if I want waves but they never stay in and always go flat, but with these bad boys the wave lasts all day and night! Even when I woke up the next again day they were still perfect.

Now my hair (as you will see) looked a tad 80's, but that was only because I did a tight wave and started from the top of my head.

These are my new fav product!

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