Monday, 26 March 2012

Pictures Of The Weekend.

This weekend has been another quiet one. I was out on Friday night with chums from work and then  popped round to my friend Claire's for more drinks, needless to say I was very drunk by the time I got home!

Saturday I stayed in bed most of the day watching films and trash TV, I did however manage to dye my tips turquoise and pop nails wraps on (which tuned out looking rubbish!).

Today, even though it is a glorious day in Edinburgh I have stayed in the house doing washloads, cleaning my bedroom & bathroom AND sorting and packing my bag (mini suitcase!) for tomorrow.

Jaimie and myself are off to the Lake District for 3 days and two nights, we're staying in a stately home which will be lovely! I really cannot wait to get away, even though it is only for a few days. I'm hoping the weather down there will be nice, I have packed for sunny times!

Anyway's here are some pictures from weekend.

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