Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Pictures Of The Weekend.

Most of these pictures will consist of Madonna and her MDNA concert, I was on Saturday night. Tickets were free due to a 'glitch' on Ticketmasters website and I took my Mawmee, we had a grand of day/night.

There is also a few pictures of baked goods, which is always a good thing in my eyes!

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

The Big Move.

I have been with my other half (Jaimie) for 5 years this year and it has come to the time where we sit down and look at our living arrangements. He is still at home and so am I, quite happily I might add, but we would like to move in together. We did look at renting but we thought why pay for someone else's mortgage when we can pay for our own.

Now I should have been saving, but if you read my blog or Twitter then you will see how much I spend on clothes, shoes and other things (that I don't need) and you would know that I am not a good saver... Thankfully I have Jaimie who is a fantastic saver and a set of wonderful parents who are going to help us towards the deposit for a place. We are going to book an appointment with a couple of banks to get an idea of what they could give us in the way of mortgage. I have already calculated how much we could get from one of the banks using the online calculator and it was looking quite good, but we are better to go in and have a chat with a mortgage adviser just in case. I intend on bringing my parents into these meetings as they know what to do and expect when it comes to buying a place (they have bought 3 within there time together).

It's great fun looking up flats and houses in areas that we would like to live in but this is a big decision that is not to be taken lightly. We need to factor in how much we can afford, council tax and all the other bills that come with buying a property, also a nice area... I don't fancy coming home from work to find a junkie shooting up in a stairway (true story bro').

It would be nice to have somewhere come Christmas time, but that's probably not going to happen. However we are making progress and it's less of a dream now and more of a reality, that this time next year we can have a place of our own like proper grown up's...
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