Friday, 13 December 2013

Review: Cien Products

Since moving into the house, getting a kitten and the change of job has meant that I cannot spend a small fortune on beauty products. I'm normally a bit of a high street girl, but will invest in some expensive products now and again, however I am completely in love with the Cien products which I have been buying from my work. I have bought the nail polish £1, mascara £1, moisturiser £1.99, shampoo 75p and conditioner 75p, hand cream £1.99, body moisturiser £1.99, nail polish remover £1.99, deodorant 99p and they are AMAZING! The make up range is pretty good for everyday wear, they also have lip gloss, lipstick and foundation, the colours are limited however that shouldn't put you off. There is a selection of moisturisers too and I have gone for 24 moisture as the winter wind does no good for my skin!

The biggest thing for me however, is the shampoo and conditioner. After years of dying, straightening and curling my hair, it is now quite dry and brittle, I have tried LOTS of brands and even spent a small fortune on products to help fix my hair and the Cien products have proved to leave my hair shiny and silky smooth. The results were instant and bloody amazing, it's crazy to think how cheap they are! A definite must buy. 

If you're looking for beauty on a budget then pop into your nearest Lidl store and pick them up and see for yourself!


Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Wedding Recption Fun Times.

Last Saturday we attended Jaimie's friend Calum and his wife Fran's wedding reception at The Balmoral, it was great fun and the bride and groom looked fantastic. It was nice for us to be able to dress up, have a night out and let our hair down as we don't tend to do that very often as we're old and now have a mortgage and a kitten (it wasn't a late night however as I was working the next day).
Here is a few pictures of the evening, featuring the bride & groom, myself, Jaimie and his bbf Ally (and not forgetting the outfits!).











Jaimie is wearing trousers and tie from George at ASDA, shirt from TKMaxx, shoes from Clarks and the navy velvet jacket was my grandads.

I'm wearing a dress from George at ASDA, shoes from ebay and the coat is from M&S.

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Review: Olay In Shower Body Lotion.

It's been a long time since I last did a review post, however I do feel that this product is worthy of one because I love it!

Olay's In Shower Body Lotion is my new favourite product, especially in this cold weather! When winter strikes I tend to get dry skin, this is an absolute pain as I cannot always be bothered to apply moisturiser when I come out of the shower or bath, I do sometimes pop some baby oil into my shower puff or in the bath, but thought I would give it a bash.

I am a huge fan of Olay products and loved their body wash which they discontinued years ago, it would leave my skin feeling like I had moisturised, I bought it from Costco and haven't found it since. So when I noticed this I did wonder if it would leave my skin feeling as good as the body wash (RIP) and........ IT DOES! Now, this product is not a body wash so you will not apply this to the body puff, you will use your normal body wash and apply then In Shower Body Lotion all over your body and rinse.... once out of the shower pat your body dry and you're left feeling silky smooth. Goodbye dull dry winter skin, hello glowing soft skin! This product is highly recommended and I suggest that you go out and purchase it, now!


Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Our New Addition.

This is a post to introduce you all to Senna our little kitten and squeaker! He arrived nearly two weeks ago and is about 7 weeks old, he is absolutely amazing and we adore him. I have a fair few scratches in my hand and legs, but he makes up for it by giving me lots of cuddles and kisses.

Here are a few pictures of Senna, (he is named after Ayrton Senna the famous F1 driver, Jaimie's choice).


Friday, 27 September 2013

Round Up.

So..., that's us tied together for at least 35 years.
As of June 28th me and J became home owners, I can't quite believe it! It's bloody fantastic! Fully fledged adults with a mortgage and bills. I do love living with Jaimie, even though he is a messy boy whom I have to pick up his dirty washing and put things in the bin that he had forgotten to do...(!). We still have a lot to move into the house, my drums are at my maw & paws, DVDs, books, cd's and clothes and Jaimie still has things to collect from his parents, but the house now looks like a home.Thank goodness that we have a 4 bedroom house, otherwise I don't know where half of my stuff would go!

I quit my job over a month ago for various reasons and now I start my new job next Monday. The new job is not what I thought I would have been doing (working in a shop) but it pays the bills, there are great benefits and I can work my way up the career ladder (which is something I couldn't do in my previous job). I feel positive about this HUGE change my life, which can only be a good thing...(?!).

I turned 27, another year older. I hosted a Redneck party with 'Murican food and music, it was great fun and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. There was A LOT of food and drink left over, I woke up and had a piece of birthday cake for breakfast (YUM).

Today mark's 6 years together for me and J! We had a Bonoful for dinner last night (our favourite Indian restaurant) as I have the dentist tonight and won't be able to eat anything. We don'y buy gifts as there is no need to, I would rather us spend money on the house!

I gave in and dyed my hair brown, it's a tad darker than I wanted. It would have been lighter had the second box contained the dye(!), I had to get Jaimie to drive to Superdrug to change it whilst I waited with a half dyed head of hair. I looked like a skunk!

And there you have it, that is my round up from June to September.

Thursday, 26 September 2013

To Dye Or Not To Dye.

That is the question.

Yet again I am looking to change my hair colour, I have been blonde for nearly 9 months, it's nice and I do like it, however it's a complete pain to maintain and I am missing my brown locks. I am even considering cutting a fringe back in...

This is my hair at present -


And this is what I'm looking at going back to - (Maybe not as dark)


I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO?! If I were to go back to being a brunette and decided that I wanted to go back to blonde months later then it would just be a right pain in the backside having to strip and then bleach the hair before applying the desired colour.

Who am I kidding, I will be back to brown in the next couple of weeks...

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

To Do List.

I turned 27 last Sunday and I decided it was time to make a few changes. Since we moved into the house I have become complacent, I stopped going to the gym, I started eating a lot of sweets, my only exercise has been from cleaning the house and walking up and down the stairs! I also haven't been working for about a month and have been sitting in the house eating biscuits and watching the TLC channel (when I'm not cleaning). I am quite the lazy bitch.

I was going to write a 'To Do List' and I thought it might be better to type one up and pop it on the internet, that way I can't loose it(!). So, here we go -

1. New job

2. Eat better

3. Long walks 4 times a week

4. Gym sessions 3 times a week

5. Make more time for friends & family

6. Learn to drive

There are only 6 things on my list with the main one being me getting a new job (top priority!) and the others are regarding my general health and well-being, the good thing is is that these are all achievable.

Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Tuesday Tunes.

Who Has More Fun?

That age old question, who has more fun, blondes or brunettes?

I have now been a blonde for 3 months and I am enjoying it, the only downside is that I now miss being a brunette(!). Blonde is great and fun looking, but I have always thought that brunettes are sexy (I'm not including myself there!).

I'm one of these terrible people who gets bored easily and likes to change my hair colour and cut every few months. Fringe, no fringe, layers, no layers, brunette, blonde, ash blonde, lilac tint, dip dye blonde/ turquoise/ pink. Tonight's dilemma is, do I go back to being a brunette (for a few months) or stay blonde for a little bit longer? And if I stay blonde, should I dye my tips a lovely candy pink, lilac or bright yellow? I DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO! Answers on a postcard please!

Blonde V Brunette


(Excuse the pouty faces (actually I don't care!))

Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Round Up.


Here is a quick round up of what's been going on, have a wee read, you know you want to!

I had mentioned in a previous post about myself and Jaimie looking at becoming property owners... Well this is looking more and more likely, as we will hopefully have a home at the end of May!

We have been given the fantastic opportunity to purchase my Nana & Grandad's home, it's not up for sale to the general public and it won't be put up for sale unless (for whatever reason) me and Jaimie were not successful in securing the house. It is a semi-detached, 4 bedroomed house with a front, back and side garden with a driveway. This is a family home, albeit we do not yet have a family and won't start that for years, however if we are lucky enough to get it, it is a home for life.  We would not have been able to secure the deposit so quickly if it had not been for our parents, they have been a massive help and I can't thank them enough!

Still in the same job, it's going well and the team is ever expanding, I have been given additional roles which is great and I am now the 'Availability Manager'. I have managed to get some free experiences through my work such as tank driving, wine tasting and cocktail making and tomorrow we are off to Edinburgh Dungeons which I'm really looking forward to (I haven't been for years) and in June I'm off up in a helicopter! Hopefully this continues!

Me and Jaimie have managed to get away, we had a mini break to Islay, this holiday had been booked for a year and it was lovely even if we didn't get to visit all of the distilleries due to some car issues (tyres and potholes do not mix!) and I buggered my knee. We had a fantastic dinner which ended up costing me over £100(!). I also had a mini break with a few of my chums which was nice, we popped down to Northumberland for a couple of days.

In the month of May I have a couple of trips booked, the first one being Manchester to see The Big Reunion Tour with 3 girlie's, I cannot wait! I'm such a fangirl of 5ive and still to this day love Scott, I might go all out and don some 90's gear, the side pony might have to make a reappearance! After that, my whole Family (mum's side) are heading down to Norfolk for week, I know what you might think, but I love Norfolk, my grandad was born and bred there, my family live there and it is such a lovely place. And if me and Jaimie can, we will be squeezing in a trip to Portugal for a nice sunny holiday.

May is a big month as it will be Jaimie's 30th(!), we have nothing planned as yet, I'm hoping to organise a party, but this will be on the back burner until we know what is happening with the house. We will be celebrating Norfolk style though! Cider, cider and more cider!

I think that's about it for now... I can't seen to think of anything else...

Oh yeah! We joined the gym, I used to go all the time when I was at college and then I tore the tendon in my foot and stopped. I had forgotten how much I loved it, I get carried away and me and Jaimie tend to try and outdo each other!

I am now finished, there is nothing more. For now that is!


Monday, 22 April 2013

Sunday Face.


Hello! I'm back and to show you that I'm back here is a picture of my face.
I have a lot to write about which will be in a different post, so stay tuned!


Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Sassy Snowlady.

Friday it snowed. IT ACTUALLY SNOWED IN EDINBURGH. The weather women and men of the UK have been rambling on about us Scots getting some snow for weeks now and to say I was super happy when I noticed the first few flakes was an understatement(!).

Jaimie met me after work and we walked home together in what can only be described as a blizzard, that was great fun, although I did not enjoy inhaling snowflakes...

It snowed most of Friday night and on Saturday morning me and Jaimie got up and had a mini snowball fight before I started making my snowlady. She had started life as a he, just your typical snowman with stones for eyes and twigs for arms and mouth, I then decided he looked bare and though it would be nice to get him some accessories, in the form of a hat. So I nipped into the house and started to look out a hat, when I can across THE WIG, this was a £2 wig that I bought in ASDA during the Halloween season. Anyway's... I took the wig, popped it on his (now her head) and thought that there was something missing, BOOBS! I sculpted her a pair of boobies and tada! I was left with some sassy snowlady and I obviously took lots of pictures.

I haven't named her and I think it's a bit late to do so, now that she has mostly melted away, but here are some pictures of her (and me).

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