Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Sassy Snowlady.

Friday it snowed. IT ACTUALLY SNOWED IN EDINBURGH. The weather women and men of the UK have been rambling on about us Scots getting some snow for weeks now and to say I was super happy when I noticed the first few flakes was an understatement(!).

Jaimie met me after work and we walked home together in what can only be described as a blizzard, that was great fun, although I did not enjoy inhaling snowflakes...

It snowed most of Friday night and on Saturday morning me and Jaimie got up and had a mini snowball fight before I started making my snowlady. She had started life as a he, just your typical snowman with stones for eyes and twigs for arms and mouth, I then decided he looked bare and though it would be nice to get him some accessories, in the form of a hat. So I nipped into the house and started to look out a hat, when I can across THE WIG, this was a £2 wig that I bought in ASDA during the Halloween season. Anyway's... I took the wig, popped it on his (now her head) and thought that there was something missing, BOOBS! I sculpted her a pair of boobies and tada! I was left with some sassy snowlady and I obviously took lots of pictures.

I haven't named her and I think it's a bit late to do so, now that she has mostly melted away, but here are some pictures of her (and me).


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