Wednesday, 22 October 2014

I Don't Vant To Be A Vampire.

That time of year is nearly upon us (Halloween) and yes it is time to start thinking about your costume and I have found the perfect one which is now out of stock on the Matalan website. First world problems at its best!

Just look at it! I could be a stylish Mummy sipping on blood themed cocktails, but no. Not unless they have my size in store or have my size restocked online, then I will have to resort the afore mentioned Vampire or a Zombie, my two 'go to' Halloween costumes.
 It's only £15!!!

Now, Zombies and Vampires are easy, wear an old/nice outfit and apply blood to said outfit or if you do not intend to ruin your best threads, apply blood over the face, neck and exposed body parts, always a winner... But not everyone wants to attend a party where the majority of guests have had the same idea as you (Yes, I know, the Mummy costume isn't exactly thinking outside the box, but it is something different for me).

I have been scouring the internet to find a costume that is cheap (but not cheap looking), not a Zombie or Vampire and also something that doesn't have the word 'sexy' in front of it. These are just some of the little beauties that I came across...

*The below costumes are going in the 'No' pile.

Examples -


Sexy Scottish Girl


Sexy 'Jackie' Sparrow



Sexy Orange M&M(!)

None of these appeal to me, sadly. Not even the 'sexy' Orange M&M... Which might come as a shocker.

Most of the Halloween costumes that are aimed at women are 'sexy', now if this floats your boat then go for it. I however, would rather be classy or all out bloody and gory and some of these costumes aren't cheap, which astounds me considering there is very little fabric! I think £15 is the most that I would spend on any Halloween costume and I'm just hoping that Matalan will restock the Mummy costume soon.

Thankfully I have a few weeks to get my costume in order, whether I buy one or throw something together at the last minute I'm sure it will be good or at least it will be covered in blood and Halloween party appropriate.


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