Things I Like And Love

Sunny days, long walks in beautiful surroundings, great company, music the puts me in a good mood, eating Nutella straight from the tub, visiting old historic buildings, going to and organising events, fashion, sssssshopping or just spending money, snuggling in bed, spending quality time with my friends/family/Jaimie, learning new things, reading classic and trashy books, watching old movies in bed, exercising, snowball fights, going on loooong drives, baking tasty treats, trying to cook, all things retro and vintage, living near the beach, beer festivals with my faves, painting my nails and attempting nail art, fake tanning, taking lots of pictures, pretending to play my drums, watching trash TV, singing my heart out, dancing like no ones watching, not caring what people think about me, taking each day as it comes, living for the moment, mini breaks, Norfolk, blogging even if no one reads it, trying new things, going on adventures, burlesque, shoes, playing games on my Xbox and losing, the internet, Edinburgh festivals, going to the theatre, drinking cocktails, taking long showers and pampering myself, drinking a Frappuccino in sunshine or rain, finding deals, going out for breakfast/lunch/dinner, game nights, going to gigs and concerts, riding my bike and just enjoying being me!

(Cheesy I know and I will probably update this!)

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